From files patch to toilet paper, integrity and hygiene in line: a unique kind of service!

Under the motto 'With Satino Black, we deliver your backup Archives' Jalema and Van Houtum make their partnership known and a unique type of service is introduced.

Old archives customers offer to to be destroyed by Jalema, are converted to Satino Black hygienic paper by Van Houtum. In this way an optimal form of Corporate Social Responsibility is realized and businesses are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their residual and thus giving shape to their sustainability goals.

For over 65 years Jalema is specialized in the production of filing products, safe storage of static archives and managing dynamic archives. Shredding is also a part of this. In that matter Jalema picks up old paper archives to be destroyed at their costumers address. If desired by the costumer, the records can be picked up directly in the storage place. Archives which Jalema keeps stored for its customers and whose expiration date is reached, can also be destroyed at the customers request. Jalema also optionally destroys the records which are digitized by Jalema. In this way, unburdening the customer or as it is called, 'Stop One Organizing'.

Corporate Social Responsibility at it's best
All records are collected by Jalema. The folders or binders are emptied and then sorted. Folders, binders, suspension points and mechanisms are, just as intensively colored or plastic tabs collected separately and then made ready for reuse or removed separately. The white and pastel colored paper, the intensively colored and other paper and paperboard are neatly deposited in containers and safely transported to the nearby paper factory of Van Houtum in Swalmen.
So there is a minimum number of transport operations and the old paper, is used as a raw material for the production of new paper solely in the Netherlands. The sorting is done by Jalema with the deployment of a group of people with intellectual impairments. In this way, these people are offered a meaningful daytime activity and a chance to participate in the labor process. The storage of archives that are being destroyed and the sorting work, takes place, supervised, in a secure indoor space at Jalema.

With Satino Black, we deliver your Archives back!
At the paper factory, Van Houtum the records do not go into storage, but are directly fed to the pulper as raw material to the paper machine, for the production of the first Cradle to Cradle® produced toilet paper and towels Satino Black.
Overall a very effective and safe method!

Satino Black toilet paper and paper towels are just as soft and white as normal hygiënepapier, but are the only tissue products in the world, produced without harmful chemicals. This is the reason Cradle to Cradle® certification was given. The production of Satino Black uses 100% green energy. In addition, the CO2-neutral production belongs to the best of the world in terms of eco-efficiency in water and energy consumption and emissions. Of course, for Satino Black, 100% waste paper is used as raw materials and therefore it may carry the FSC-recycled label. The European Eco-label for sustainable production is also displayed on the package.

Destruction 100% assured
An authorized Jalema employee monitors the C2C destruction process until all pieces are paid in the pulper, so that 100% destruction of the records is assured. Of course Jalema and Van Houtum provide their customers an explanation for a guarantied and 100% secure destruction of records. In addition, each customer receives a voucher for a free Satino Black toilet décor.

About Van Houtum
Van Houtum is originally a family business that produces hygienic paper and provides innovative solutions for better toilethygiene with exceptional environmental performance for over 75 years. A deeply felt respect for people and the environment determines the operations at Van Houtum. This vision on CSR is put into practice with proportionate attention to People, Planet and Profit. Under the brand name Satino Black, Van Houtum produces the most environmentally friendly toilet paper in the world. For detailed information about company and product look at

About Jalema
Jalema BV is a family business and a leading name in information management since 1947 . Jalema provides products and services that save time and space and aim for a better organization of the archive and workplace. Besides the production of directories, business forms and office accessories Jalema also manages third-party archives. The headquarters and production are located in Reuver and Hoogezand. Subsidiaries are in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and the United States. Jalema exports to more than 40 countries.
With 160 colleagues Jalema is committed to continuously keeping a constant high level of design, production, quality, innovation and sales and to keep Corporate Social Responsibility of paramount importance. For detailed information about company and product look at


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