Final C2C BIZZ blog by SRE

After a five year period the INTERREG project C2C BIZZ officially closed last November 30th. In this final blog I look back on the most significant achievements. One thing became clear to all partner organisations and Michael Braungart described it in the preface of the Guide towards C2C inspired business sites as follows: “The publication of this Guide marks only the beginning rather than the end of C2C BIZZ.” 

The main objective of the C2C BIZZ project was to enhance the current implementation of C2C methods in the built environment and to accelerate the development of C2C solutions and applications on business sites. At the beginning of the project the C2C philosophy and the revolutionary way of thinking: ‘rethinking the way we make things’ was totally new in most partnering countries and regions. Not only for the built environment, but also on product level. With this project the C2C principles were introduced to these countries and regions which resulted in a raising awareness of C2C and circular economy, on governmental and private business level. I must be honest, it takes time but we are getting there…..

The project results
But after five years we can say that:
- we have tested innovative design and tendering concepts at La Lainière (Lille Metropole area) and the C2C Centre (Venlo). Experiences that already have been used in other projects;
- we discovered the park manager/management as an important key to change the mind set on business site level, proven by the Ecoparc management (Luxembourg), the management of material loops by the Irisphere project (Brussels), the Bielefeld findings (Germany), and the accomplished vision for the redevelopment of Strijp T (Eindhoven);
- various types of agreements were developed to consolidate the collaboration between land lords and tenants on site (London SIP, Bluegate Antwerp, Lille Metropole area);
- scientists from LIST (Luxembourg), University of Wolverhampton (U.K.) and University of Eastern London developed practical instruments to inventorise the possibilities to develop business sites following the C2C principles.

A C2C inspired building in France
Patience is needed…. The partnership visited one of the first Cradle to Cradle inspired buildings in France on the 4th of December, the House of Projects at business site La Lainière. One of the biggest challenges was changing the habits of the people who manufactured the building. For example, instead of gluing the wooden panels together, they had to be nailed so it can be disassembled in a later stadium. And a worker thought he was helping by treating the wooden panels that were no yet treated (a mistake – he thought). Everyone had to be alert that they didn’t fall back into old habits.

To conclude
To ensure the availability of the project results the project website has slightly been modified and has become a static website. New information regarding the evolvement of  the pilot sites will become available on

I conclude this final blog by thanking you for showing your interest in the project. I wish you all the best in your work towards a sustainable use of our precious planet!

Wieke Galama
Project manager C2C BIZZ


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