Flyer about Cradle to Cradle inspired City Hall Venlo

The city of Venlo presents you the info-graphic of the Cradle to Cradle inspired city hall Venlo. This flyer shows the Cradle to Cradle elements of the city hall.

In the end the bundle of C2C inspired solutions that would contribute to the achievement of the outlined goals, as well as save and earn money during the defined use time of the building, were translated into business cases. Compared to a traditional situation/case, the business cases indicated that an additional investment of 3,4 million euros, will bring a net result of around 16,9 million euros after the defined use time of 40 years, with a return on investment of 11,5%. A safe and earn matrix proved that investments in Cradle to Cradle elements are profitable. Even after year 1, the exploitation costs are lower in the C2C business case, compared to a situation without the Cradle to Cradle elements. 

The buildings cleans the water, uses renewable energy and will clean the indoor and outdoor air.

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