Global Brands Join Fashion Positive PLUS

Five fashion companies collaborate on safe, circular materials

It’s all about working together:
H&M, Kering, Loomstate, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Eileen Fisher have joined the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s Fashion Positive PLUS collaboration to accelerate the development of safer, circular materials for use in the apparel industry. 

The aim of Fashion Positive PLUS is to convene some of the biggest brands and brightest design innovators in the world to collaborate. Together, we drive the improvement of commonly used materials with the highest potential to positively impact human and environmental health. In the process, we catalyze systemic change for the fashion industry.

The members convened recently in Copenhagen to begin the process of identifying “building block” materials, such as fibers, yarns, dyes and finishings that the group will collaboratively work to optimize for material health, safety and circularity.

The process will eventually culminate in the assessment and verification of these materials using the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. The materials will also be added to the Fashion Positive Materials Collection, which currently lists 70 Cradle to Cradle Certified materials for apparel and fashion applications.

As a company, we see that we need a systemic change to the way that fashion is made and used, and we need to find ways to and scale circular materials. Fashion Positive PLUS is a good way to join forces with others who have the same ambitions.” 

Cecilia Strömblad-Brännsten,
H&M Circular Lead,


"Innovative approaches like circularity have endless possibilities and can truly change the industry as we know it today. I am already envisioning the new, sustainably certified materials that our Materials Innovation Lab will be able to offer to all our brands.”

Cecilia Takayama,
Director of the Materials Innovation Lab, Kerin


Fashion Positive PLUS is a strong venue for collaborating with other brands on some of the deepest challenges our industry is facing. We hope this work will help drive global change in our systems and processes, beginning with the development of a suite of Cradle to Cradle Certified base materials.”

Inka Apter,
Designer for fabric research and development, Eileen Fisher


Interested in becoming a PLUS member and learning more about how to collaborate? Click hereCLICK HERE >


Source: Newsletter Fashion Positive

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