GRAPHENSTONE Ecological, natural and nanotechnology coatings

Graphenstone is the first global manufacturer of organic products with graphene technology such as paints, coatings, mortars, adhesives, and insulating. Our formulas improve their properties exponentially- primarily by savings in material consumption, given that we operate at a Nano metric scale, allowing us to achieve higher values of hardness, compressive and tensile strength, and elasticity than the ones obtained with any common coating. All this enhanced properties, added to weight reduction, allow improvements in total returns of equipment and facilities.

Lime Base
Organic coatings obtained from raw natural and mineral materials. Lime of high quality that provides breathability and anti-bacterial power to the coating, cleaning the environment.

The artisanal system to produce lime for our paints and coatings dates back from the mid- nineteenth century, obtained in wood- burning ovens such as those used by the Romans and Arabs. This system has been inherited from generation to generation.

“A tradition that has been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, 2011.”

No chemical products
Free from harmful substances such as biocides or plasticizers.

It contains Graphene
Graphene provides our paints and coatings with flexibility, strength and homogeneity from the first day, plus adding other extraordinary properties as electrical and thermal conductivity or corrosion protection.

“Graphene is the most amazing nanotechnological component from the latest generation that provides extraordinary physical properties (hardness, strength and flexibility). This is translated to more durability, less buildings maintenance and energy savings.”

*Strong: 200x stronger than structural steel.
*Flexible:up to 20% more flexibility without damage.
*Conductive: conducts 1000x more than copper.
*Thermal conductivity: the most powerful thermal conductive material scientifically proven.
Graphenstone range of coatings meets high quality standards, being the perfect solution for facades decoration and embellishment, walls and ceilings. Graphenstone is the most suitable ecological coating for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is made from a hydrated lime base or calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2, traditionally obtained with artisanal techniques which results in exceptional quality.

Graphenstone reduces the CO2

Graphenstone products provide significant benefits for the environment: reduces CO2 in the air; recycling unused raw materials, promotes energy savings in buildings, and leaves no carbon footprint during manufacturing and application.

Graphenstone respects the environment
Our materials sanitize the environment creating healthier indoor conditions, free of bacteria and molds, and provide high energy and environmental standards in buildings.

Graphenstone acts against the microorganisms
Graphenstone is a great natural anti-bacterial and anti- fungicidal agent, in addition to actively promote ventilation and indoor pollutants dissolution, which prevents microbial growth of molds and bacteria. Graphenstone acts as an insect repellent and prevents respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies caused by unhealthy environments.

Graphenstone improves indoor air quality
Graphenstone cleans indoor environments, prevents and reduces all negative biological effects of air pollutants on health. The material micro porosity provides a high vapor diffusion capacity. A healthy home should breathe and be protected against mold and bacteria growth. Only then the optimum health environment is achieved.
*Improves air quality of indoor environments.
*Limits pathologies derived from sick building syndrome (sBs).
*Prevents mold growth, fungi and bacteria.
*Guarantees safe domestic environments
*Increases comfort and quality of life. 

Paints, coatings, mortars, adhesives, and insulating
Extraordinary properties of flexibility, hardness, and thermal conductivity. Graphenstone is eco-sustainability, bio habitability and energy saving.

Graphenstone presents materials whose raw material, lime, is obtained by artisanal means, helping to preserve the purity, density, the benefits and properties of limestone. Our products show the benefits the purest Lime: breathable, antibacterial, antifungal and insect repellent. It also contains graphene, a nano component manufactured through gas deposition, which brings its extraordinary properties of flexibility, hardness, and thermal conductivity. 

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