How to realize your C2C ambitions? C2C-Centre gives you a helping hand with Cradle to Cradle Tools!

We are very proud to announce a new extension on the C2C-Centre, namely Cradle to Cradle tools! We already gather several tools which can help you during divers steps of your process to implement Cradle to Cradle in the built environment. Al lot of the Cradle to Cradle tools, which are now showed at the C2C-Centre, are developed for the C2C BIZZ project. These Cradle to Cradle tools can be divided into three different filters:

  • Practical (Technical, Financial, Management or Other results);
  • Levels (such as Product, Building or Area);
  • C2C Principles. (Create diversity, Continuous loops and Renewable energy).

We invite everybody who knows or developed a Cradle to Cradle tool to upload the tool or the information about the Cradle to Cradle tool on the C2C-Centre.

Current Cradle to Cradle tools at the C2C-Centre

Cradle to Cradle project workspace

  • Get started! Project workspace provides you guidance in your project and gathers inspired examples on C2C-Centre.
  • Get inspired
: Project workspace gathers Cradle to Cradle®-inspired examples from the C2C-Centre platform related to your project.
  • Let the C2C-Centre work for you: 
The project workspace processes your input into proven Cradle to Cradle® formats (e.g. roadmaps).
  • Find support
: Get support from the Cradle to Cradle®-network on the C2C-Centre and C2C trained Consultants.
Developed by C2C ExpoLAB.

Cradle to Cradle Inventory

Developed by SRE in cooperation with EPEA and other C2C BIZZ partners such as Henri Tudor and C2C ExpoLAB.  The Inventory is meant to gain insight in the situation of an area development, especially for business sites. It is a questionnaire, with questions about stakeholders, finances, procurement and physical features. This tool can also help you to indicate your quick wins. 

Continuous Loops Tool

This tool is developed by Institute for sustainability together with SRE. The Continuous Loops Tool is a database for companies to add their waste streams and the resources they need. In this way matches can be made between companies and resources can be exchanged.

The workbook ‘Guided Choices towards a Circular Business Model’

This document is developed by SRE and Douwe Jan Jouwstra. The workbook ‘Guided Choices towards a Circular Business Model’ supports companies to find out how the Circular Economy can be of value for them. The workbook is meant as a source of inspiration and support for SME’s. The title is a promise: the workbook provides guided choices towards a circular business model. The workbook is meant to be a source of inspiration and support for small- and medium enterprises (SME’s) that want to enter the Circular Economy. The focus is on the choices that companies need to make in their search for a circular business model.

These tools are only a small art of all the tools. Do you want to know more about al the tools? Please click here to see an overview of Cradle to Cradle Tools.

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