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The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute engaged Trucost, the environmental data experts, to design a framework to measure the economic, social, and environmental impacts of Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products. The results of this preliminary investigation, based on a small sample of ten certified products from ten very different companies, are presented here.

Begind the scenes insights

Bas van de Westerlo  Specialty Advisor Built Environment
C2C ExpoLAB  Read the complete interview.

Acquiring insight into the value of Cradle to Cradle certification is an important step in the C2C journey. Hopefully the results will not only encourage new innovations but also boost the actual implementation of these. As a result of the impact study we are more able to apply these Cradle to Cradle products in the built environment.

Julian Hill-Landolt  Director, Sustainable Lifestyles
World Business Council for Sustainable Development

New and more sustainable ways of designing and using products are being developed by companies, large and small, around the world every day. Concepts such as The Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle are rising up corporate and policy agendas. The focus now needs to shift towards action – to implementing products and processes at scale in order to achieve significant impacts. This new piece of research by TruCost on behalf of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute will analyse the ability of Cradle to Cradle certified products to effect environmental and societal impact reductions, as well as the business benefits, both financial and non-financial, that such products could bring about. The framework is a welcome addition to the toolkit available to business. It should improve companies’ ability to focus on the practical aspects of how they can innovate and collaborate to deliver more sustainable products to market, by supporting their ability to improve the business case for such products. WBCSD believes that improving the business case for sustainability, so that more sustainable companies are recognised and rewarded, is an essential element of the required transformation of business and consumption.

Jeffrey Prins  Program Manager, Green and Inclusive Economy
DOEN Foundation  Read the complete interview.

The impact study confirms what those using Cradle to Cradle certification already know: that it is beneficial to companies’ growth and market share. At the same time, we see the positive footprint it leaves for the environment (energy, waste, water) and human-wellbeing. Hopefully this message will be a catalyst for more companies to get involved and more consumers demanding C2C-certified products.

Pavan Sukhdev  Founder-CEO
GIST Advisory

Waste is a design defect, and sustainability is a design challenge. Cradle to cradle design addresses these issues head on, and the work that is now being done to formulate certification for cradle to cradle products is critical in ensuring that we can differentiate between good and bad design, between sustainable and unsustainable business. I commend the work done by the many contributors to this study on cradle to cradle certification.

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