Injection-moulding specialist Bekina Indurub invests in product range based on C2C

Bekina Indurub, based in East Flanders, has been producing synthetic products for 45 years. The company truly believes in the philosophy of sustainable entrepreneurship. "We have earned a bronze C2C certificate, which is proof of our successful total approach," explains Vanessa Verbeken, Area Sales Manager at Bekina NV.

“Bekina Indurub was a pioneer within the Bekina group. In the future, we will use the experience we now gain to assist our sister companies Bekina Boots and Bekina Compounds. We wanted to have the various facets of sustainability objectively evaluated and accredited by an external body. ”

Getting suppliers on board

One of the biggest challenges that Bekina Indurub faced was to convince suppliers about the Cradle-to-Cradle approach. “They were required to share a lot of information, e.g. the composition of their raw materials, with the certification body. A thorough investigation was also carried out into their Code of Conduct, particularly when it came to the ethical treatment of employees”.

Bekina Indurub has deliberately chosen to work with a limited number of suppliers, with whom it had collaborated for many years, and who also saw the benefits of the C2C concept.

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