Learn more about embedding diversity in your project

Diversity (the third principle of Cradle to Cradle) is an interesting principle, but considered often as a the most difficult principle to translate into practice.

For the C2C BIZZ project Lille Métropole has enhanced this principle and are busy making a guideline about diversity. Stay up to date about this guideline by visiting the C2C-Centre.

To develop this guideline Lille organised a second and third brainstorm session on 11th of December. The first brainstorm session was already in October this year. Besides the C2C BIZZ partners also other interested people were invited and three experts were present.

First Christine Guinebretière from EPEA Paris presented Cradle to Cradle and governance. Therefore she emphasized the importance of stating intentions together with all stakeholders. Lille Métropole presented more about governance and park management.

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