Meet the C2C-Centre Project Workspace!

An online function that guides and helps you by formulating measurable Cradle to Cradle®-goals for your project.  After formulating your project goals, you can use the project workspace to realize these goals. We would like to encourage you to start your new project on the C2C-Centre project workspace. With the project workspace it is possible to use functionalities to translate your Cradle to Cradle®-ambitions, such as:

  • Describe the mission, vision and ambitions of your organization;
  • Set measurable Cradle to Cradle®-goals for your project;
  • Create your roadmap for innovation and quality;
  • Generate your goal setting document, to determine the outcomes of your projects at an organizational level;
  • Add your projects elements & features and make clear how these contribute to the stated goals of your project;
  • Let the C2C-Centre project workspace support your project by challenge suppliers to come with solutions that contribute to your Cradle to Cradle®-goals;
  • Measure your achievements to use these measurements for further improvement of the quality;
  • Make an overview of relevant documents and share revisions with your team
  • Make a mood board for your project with interesting products, companies, projects, library items and more;
  • View the messages of your project team and leave a comment;
  • Work together with team-members on your project;
  • Share your experiences with the network of C2C-Centre.

To create your own project workspace, click here.


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