Mirra 2.0 introduced at C2C ExpoLAB by HME Import Agency

The Mirra is world first Cradle to Cradle certified office chair. HME Import Agency introduced this Chair in the Benelux in 2003. Our way of working has been changed since 2003, so it was time to evaluate and improve the Mirra. So nowadays, 10 years later, after 1,5 million Mirra’s, the Mirra 2.0 is available!

All the positive aspects of the Mirra are still in the Mirra 2.0. Material innovations are added and the ergonomics are improved to our current way of working.The chair is 5 kilograms lighter because of the use of recycled aluminium. The new Mirra 2.0 contains for 40% out of this material.

HME Import Agency gave the C2C ExpoLAB the scoop of being one of the first in the Netherlands to use the Mirra 2.0. Interior of the C2C ExpoLAB is Cradle to Cradle inspired. In the spirit of Cradle to Cradle the interior is leased. HME Import Agency and other companies made this possible by joining forces.

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