New C2C (bronze) product: Cashmere yarn

We welcome a new Cradle to cradle certified product: cashmere yarn of Maiyet (United States).
Maiyet is part of fashion positive program. Maiyet is a luxury brand that creates timeless designs using rare artisanal skills from around the world. Maiyet designs are inspired by craft techniques and are committed to reviving traditional skills of global artisans. Maiyet is deeply committed to forging partnership with global artisans and has a strategic partnership with a non-profit organization that is dedicated to training and developing artists to promote entrepreneurship, prosperity and dignity in places that need it most.

Cashmere2/34 yarn is made of 100% cashmere fibres.

Cashmere is obtained by combing nomadic Mongolian goats fed on wild grass. The product is suited for premium apparel articles, with high quality raw materials, and healthy for people and the environment.

The spinning of the yarn in the Cascami Seta plant of Botto Giuseppe is designed as a sustainable production system, fully powered on green energy through its hydroelectric plant and rooftop solar panels, which produce over 100% of the company’s needs.

The dyeing system allows for yarn to have very solid, lasting colors. In addition, the quality of product enables that after its first use, it can be sold or transferred for further uses within the textile industry, reducing the need for new raw materials.

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