New C2C Certificate for Ahrend

We congratulate Ahrend with their forth C2C Certificate for the Ahrend Balance (FOUR TWO) product line.

Ahrend Balance (FOUR TWO) is a furniture system. The slenderness of the system, stable construction, and smart method of assembly make it a really smart Ahrend offering. The modularity of the Ahrend Four Two also fits well with other desk systems of Ahrend with integrated walls and panels.

The Ahrend Balance (FOUR TWO) is available with height-adjustable legs, meeting the highest ergonomical standards. The Four Two fits perfectly in different office spaces, as a workstation or in a meeting room. The different configurations are suitable as a computer workstation, workstation for concentrating, group workstation, or individual workstation.

Much effort has been made to improve all materials used to make the Ahrend Balance (FOUR TWO). We are proud to use non-toxic powdercoatings, high-quality steel, and low-emitting tabletops.

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