New C2C (silver) Certified product: Aluminium Lighting Columns

Nedal Aluminium received a Cradle to Cradle silver certificate.

Nedal Aluminium supplies a wide and diverse range of high quality, durable aluminium lighting columns, with a beautiful design, around the world. Many years (since 1949) of experience , together with a customer-oriented approach and method, are a key part of this. Due to the low mass density the installation of aluminium lighting columns is usually, faster, safer and cheaper than other types of lighting columns. Nedal aluminium columns are used for public lighting sector, railways, traffic signal post and flagpoles.

Nedal aluminium columns are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and British standard. Our products are supplied with the CE marking and designed to the European norms EN-40 and tested according to the EN 12767.

Nedal is part of the Hunter Douglas Group.

With Alluround lighting columns you too can provide a contribution to the preservation of our environment. Nedal Aluminium B.V. has arranged the lighting column fabrication processes and associated operations in such a way that an optimal reduction of CO2 emissions is achieved.

We think that we need to take care of the Earth, since our environment has changed in recent years. Due to increased energy consumption, CO2 emissions are constantly rising and the climate is changing very fast. As a manufacturer of aluminium lighting columns, we are aware that we can have an influence on reducing CO2 emissions. In consultation with the Environment Federation Utrecht, we have mapped our production processes. We would like to present some examples of improvement and energy conservation:

-The input of recycled material without degradation of quality (cradle to cradle) 

-Possible weight savings of 18% per column 

-Use of green energy (electricity & gas)

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