New Cradle to Cradle gold certified project: Wet-Green (Tanning product for leather)

A new Cradle to Cradle certificate is given to Wet-Green GmbH, they developed a tanning agent for natural leather solutions. This is a plant-based concentrate produced from an aqueous olive leaf extract.

According to EPEA is this product the first, which is Gold certified according the new C2C standard.

More information about the product

The active (tanning) agents are the same ones present in some natural cosmetic articles and in extra virgin olive oil.
wet-green® OBE has a range of other quality benefits to offer:
− It is neither corrosive nor a hazardous substance (no REACH registration required) – which in turn makes for simplified logistics.
− wet-green® OBE tanning agent is also free of metals and any chemically synthetic reactive tanning agents.
− In terms of environmental and health considerations, the product is physiologically completely harmless across the entire value chain.

The wet-green® tanning process is perfectly in tune with the tanning agent. Compared to conventional tanning methods, it not only guarantees maximum sustainability and helps protect the environment, but also cuts outlay on acids, salts and suntans.

And in addition, leather manufacturing waste products such as shavings can also be returned to the value chain.

For the first time, by a vegetable tanning process, it became possible to produce leathers showing good shape retention but also exceptional softness, lightness and durability.

The resulting premium quality leathers are suitable for applications in all kinds of areas like furniture for the residential and commercial/ public sectors, automotive as well as shoes/ leather goods and clothing.

(Source: C2C Certified)

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