Next Cradle to Cradle Café at Kraaijvanger on 7th February

Ahrend, Desso, Interwand and Mosa invite you to come to their Cradle to Cradle Cafe on friday 7th February 09.00. This Cradle to Cradle Cafe will be at Kraaijvanger in Rotterdam. The theme will be "Cradle to Cradle and materialchoices"

Bas van de Westerlo of the C2C ExpoLAB will present more about the C2C-Centre and the added value of this online platform for C2C Materials.

Vincent van der Meulen and Daniela Schelle, who both associated partner are at Kraaijvanger will tell about a 100% Cradle to Cradle workenvironment. 

Ian Hunter, director Materials Council London, will deliver an expansive talk on architectural material selection as part of a sustainable design strategy.


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