Plan Effect receives C2C certificate for their partition wall & indoor glass wall

Plan Effect, a Dutch company, received two Cradle to Cradle basic certificates for two products lines.

One is a high quality steel partition wall with high acoustic insulation, the PE-100 Steel-Line.

The modern design of the aluminium profiles give the PE-100 Steel-Line a stylish and sleek look and feel. The partition wall is made out of two steel panels with an inlay of plaster. These are fixed to the telescopic vertical posts. The steel panels are fixed to the vertical posts with a blind connection, which creates a zero-joint. The steel panels are modular and individually detachable. Due to this flexibility and latest state-of-the-art techniques, a modern and sleek design can be combined with a high degree of sustainability. The panels are magnetic, which provides ultimate flexibility in today’s business environment. The latest certification of this unique product strengthens the leading position of Plan Effect in the Cradle to Cradle market for sustainable partition walls.

The PE-100 Steel-Line can be implemented in many different environments, can be delivered in short term and is available in various colours. This makes the PE-100 Steel-Line the sustainable partition wall for many interior designers. 

The other is the partition wall, a single glass wall. This single glass wall is essential in today’s interior designs of offices, business environments, and schools. With this certification, Plan Effect becomes a market leader in the Cradle to Cradle market for sustainable glass- and partition walls.

Single glass walls are amongst the most used solutions for interior design. This is due to their modern design, their spacious, light and open look and feel. At the same time, they are functional and sustainable. This makes it the perfect solution for today’s business environments. The PE-25 Glass-Concept has a modern design, thanks to the sleek aluminium framework in which single glass has been placed. Different glass connections are possible from which a zero-joint can be engineered/realized. PE-25 Glass-Concept is available with high sound reduction glass and thanks to the proven fall-protected glass, the PE-25 Glass-Concept is also perfect to use within a loft. This sustainable partition wall is available in various colours.

A part of the PE-25 Glass-Concept is the PE-Framedoor, which is characterized by a minimalistic designed and sleek profile. This door has modern stainless steel latches and hinges. As an option the PE-Framedoor can be engineered with a dropseal and acoustic glass.

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