Presentation open lecture with Michel Weijers online - Venlo

On Wednesday 14th of January the C2C ExpoLAB together with HME hosted a open lecture in the Manufactuur, about the concepts Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy.

Due to the enormous positive reactions not everybody could join the meeting, but as from now on everybody can watch presentations which are recorded, online at the C2C-Centre.

This open lecture had a lot of presentations from:

The C2C-Centre will publish each week a new presentation in our public library. The second movie is the presentation of Michel Weijers about the City of Venlo and C2C ExpoLAB! Click here to go to the presentation.

This open lecture was part of the course Cradle to Cradle Design Paradigm 1 from the University of Twente. The City of Venlo and the C2C ExpoLAB have endowed this world’s first Cradle to Cradle mastertrack. Tanja Scheelhaase of EPEA is responsible for the courses. She and two of her students presented their concept assignments to the public which contains ideas to implement Cradle to Cradle in product.

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