Save the date June 17 - C2C Building Group


A save the date of the C2C Bouwgroep (C2C building Group) for June 17. More information will follow.

The C2C Building Group is an initiative of Deventer Profiles and was launched on 31ste of March 2015 after a kick off meeting with the founders. The second meeting took place at 17th of April.

The C2C Building Group consist of several companies who have C2C certified products or stared with certifying their products. Companies need to be inspired by Cradle to Cradle and the circular economy.

The Group is a knowledge platform for organizations in the construction industry, knowledge and information exchange, share our experiences with other companies in this industry who are interested to C2C Certify their products.

By working togheter they would like to spread the C2C way of thinking and encourage these principles within the Dutch built environment.


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