Students Develop Courses on C2C and Biobased Economy

Two second-year students of the HAS Hogeschool Den Bosch are developing new course-material on sustainability, Cradle to Cradle® and Biobased Economy. The courses are being developed as a part of the KIGO project, the results will be used as future course material for the first year students of Applied Biology and Business Administration at the HAS Hogeschool Venlo. In addition, six freshman students of the Stoas Hogeschool are developing new course material on Cradle to Cradle® for the VMBO. These course materials will be used in the Greenportregion of Venlo.

The new HBO course material will eventually lead to two specific days during which the students will be made aware of the problems of our current consumption-based society. The goal of these theme-based days is to bring about a change of attitude in the students, which will make it normal for them to think more in terms of sustainability and acting on this belief. Students will work on different case-scenarios which spring from the collaboration with local companies.

We opted for this collaboration with local companies, to make the course material as up-to-date as possible. With every case-scenario comes a sustainable company in Venlo that is linked to it. The students will experience first-hand what kind of asset a sustainable business-policy and a sustainable production might be to a company. The students will also be asked to produce advice on each local company that will help the company become even more sustainable.

The course materials are currently being developed. If you wish to be informed on the progress that is being made, you can check out the website below. Marleen de Jong and Helen Snaas will post updates on the project every two weeks, including the VMBO-project.    

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