Successfull Cradle to Cradle seminar from Accoya

Accoya organized an interesting seminar this Wednesday morning about Cradle to Cradle.

Hein van Tuijl of EPEA Netherlands told more about Cradle to Cradle and the material passports. Hein emphasised the difference between the biological and technological cycle. The biological cycle is for products which will be used up, like shampoo, cleaning products, brakes, tyres etc.. The technical cycle is for products which will be used, like floors, washing machines ed.. So natural products, like wood, can be used in the technical cycle. Like wood in buildings.

Hans Goverde presented the Cradle to Cradle inspired City Hall Venlo and other projects which use wood, for example a school in Wassenaar.

Pablo van der Lugt of Accoya told more about the chances for natural products, like wood, for the technical cycle. Afterwards all invitees could visit Accoya.

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