Suggestions for sustainable Christmas gifts

Mariska van Dalen of Tebodin wrote an inspiring blog for Duurzaam Gepubliceerd, which contains many ideas about how to make sure that you have sustainable and Cradle to Cradle inspired / certified Christmas gifts.

Her blog is in Dutch, but no worries, we have made a summary of her ideas in English. Some of the ideas of Mariska van Dalen are also at the C2C-Centre, so you can find more information about that.

So gifts:

Some books:

  • The upclycle - William McDonough en Michael Braungart: with practical examples. In Dutch, English and German.
  • Blue Economy – Gunter Pauli: with 100 innovations, which can deliver 100 million jobs
  • Cradle to Cradle for Kids – Rinus van de Berg: A nice book for Kids
  • Rubber Ducky – My Circular Future: A learning material for children, brand new and very inspiring!

Good luck with your Christmas shopping, hopefully these ideas will give you more inspiration!

Read the blog of Mariska van Dalen at Duurzaam gepubliceerd, using this link.

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