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During last years, many videos, books, projects and products became available around the circular economy and cradle to cradle. You want to stay up-to-date, but where to start?  We help you with this by spreading recommendations of other C2C and circular economy enthusiasts.

In this series we will give a circular enthusiast, a stage to tell about his/hers recommendations.  This person will share his or her list with best items, such as a top-5 must visit projects or top-10 books to read.

We will use the motto “Celebrate Diversity”, so you will be inspired by all different personal recommendations, which help you though your cradle to cradle and circular economy journey. Enjoy!

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This week we will publish the top 10 of Brendon Rowen, director at Cradle to Cradle marketplace. The Cradle to Cradle marketplace is a global online consumer facing & B2B portal specialising in providing access to C2C Certified Products, Services & Consultation.

Brendon Rowen explains what C2C means to him: “C2C goes a very long way to answer many of our global production and manufacture challenges currently experienced. We have the opportunity with this design protocol to really change the way we human beings live and thrive on earth”.

His top 10 is about C2C Certified products for consumers

Top 10

  1. Trigema Change Womans Hooded Sweater
  2. Jules Clarysse Bath Towels
  3. Brabantia Bread Bin
  4. Ecor Note A5 Book
  5. Boom Mug
  6. Remaking the way we make things - McDonough & Braungart
  7. Gugler Printing
  8. Washroom Solutions
  9. Accoya Wood
  10. Trigema Change Mens Hooded Sweater

We as consumers decide that the marketplace demands Cradle to Cradle Certified products, buy more C2C products and circulate positivity and innovation in the consumer marketplace.

More about Brendon Rowen
He is a passionate and positively enthusiastic about the positive impact Cradle to Cradle Thinking has on the global economy, ecology andlifestyles of us humans. 

More about his C2C related activities and experiences
Online Retail Platform and C2C Marketplace for products, consultancy and positive change.

Brendon and his college  Paul Capel are passionate believers of Cradle to Cradle, their C2C marketplace is really interesting to visit and an easy way to buy your own C2C Certified products.


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