Top 10 C2C and Circular Economy movies to watch - recommendations by enthusiast

During last years, many video’s, books, projects and products became available around the circular economy and cradle to cradle. You want to stay up-to-date, but where to start?  We help you with this by spreading recommendations of other C2C and circular economy enthusiasts.

In this series we will give a circular enthusiast, a stage to tell about his/hers recommendations.  This person will share his or her list with best items, such as a top-5 must visit projects or top-10 books to read.

We will use the motto “Celebrate Diversity”, so you will be inspired by all different personal recommendations, which help you though your Cradle to Cradle and circular economy journey. Enjoy!

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 Top 10 Movies by Eva Starmans

In this first item, I will kick off with a personal top-10 movies about C2C and the Circular Economy:

  1. Get Loopy by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, click here.
  2. Katja Hansen - The Cradle to Cradle concept in detail, click here for English Edition and here for the Portugees edition.
  3. William McDonough about Cradle to Cradle®, click here.
  4. Nic Balthazar legt C2C uit
- C2C Platform, click here.
  5. Cradle to Cradle Animation for VMBO & MBO (NL), click here.
  6. VPRO Tegenlicht with Thomas Rau, click here (Dutch).
  7. VPRO Tegenlicht Waste is Food
Tegenlicht Dutch documentary translated English - part 1, click here for the English version and here for the Dutch version.
  8. How can we earn money with our eco system? 
Universiteit van Nederland - Louise Vet 1/5 - Hoe kan ons ecosysteem ons geld opleveren? Click here (Dutch).
  9. Venlo Cradle to Cradle Capital, click here (Dutch).
  10. Why the Circular Economy Is Powered by C2C - part 5
Supercritical CO2 & quality roadmap - Douglas Mulhall, click here (English).

I have respect for people who can explain something in such an easy way, so your child, your grand partners and everybody in between, can understand the message. In my opinion Get Loopy and other in the top 10 succeed in this.

Katja Hanssen and Douglas Mulhall have decades of experiences of implementing C2C into practice, that is why I recommend the movie in which Katja Hanssen explains C2C and tells more about one of the first C2C projects (1992) which is about a bio nutrient recycling in Brazil. They have so many interesting stories to tell, that you cannot skip both of them.

I added several short movies, which explain the circular economy and C2C, in several languages.

For everybody who has more spear time, I recommend the VPRO Tegenlicht documentaries. The First one about waste is food out of 2007 is still interesting and is also translated into English. But the latest one with Thomas Rau out of 2015 is really nice to watch after the first documentary.

Thereby I like to see different people explain the Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle, as they all have different backgrounds and experiences to share. That is why Louise Vet cannot be missed.

The presentation of Douglas Mulhall about Supercritical CO2 was really an eye-opener! Use your headphone for this presentation, as the sound is somehow weak.

As being very proud on the Venlo region, which is on her way towards Cradle to Cradle, I added a beautiful movie about this region. It is almost 2 years old, so it missed the beautiful pictures of buildings like the City Hall, sport centre Egerbos and primary school de Zuidstroom.

More about me

On behave of the C2C ExpoLAB I'm responsible for keeping the C2C-Centre up to date. During my study (2004-2010) I was searching for a way to design buildings with respect to nature. But on the other hand, I would like to have quality and not reduce things like(d), like taking a long shower and having a warm home.

As I grew up in the Venlo region, I became a fanatic believer in the principles of Cradle to Cradle, Design for Disassembly and innovative sustainably.

For the last 5 years I worked with lots of pleasure for the C2C ExpoLAB where lots of projects are C2C inspired. We mainly focus on the built environment and governments.

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