Wolford is the first in the world to be certified for the biological & technical cycle

April 2019, Bregenz – The fashion industry is changing. Wolford is proud and beyond happy to announce that Wolford, as of April 2nd 2019, is the world’s first and only company in apparel and textiles holding two certificates stating we are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM at GOLD Level. They have reached a ambitious goal to be certified for both the biological and the technical cycle.

In September 2018 they launched the first products created for the biological cycle; the Aurora Leggings and Pullover followed by a Top and a Shirt in February 2019. Their superpower is that, due to their ingredients of Lenzing Modal®, infinito® by Lauffenmühle plus a special ROICATM by Asahi Kasei and by adapting our production processes accordingly, they can be biodegraded after their lifetime as clothing has come to an end.

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