Worlds first: C2C LED lighting system by BB-Lightconcepts

On November 26, BB-Lightconcepts from Doetinchem received a Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze certificate on its BB LEDlightpipe®, a modular LED lighting fixture. With this unique achievement, BB-Lightconcepts is the world's first manufacturer of LED lighting that received a Cradle to Cradle® certificate for its products.

The BB LEDlightpipe® is an optical continuous modular LED lighting fixture. It consists of 1 to 4 tubes with 1 or 2 LED modules per tube, each with 18 high-end LEDs per LED module. Because of the unique high-tech technology inside the tube an absolutely comfortable glare-free light is achieved. The BB LEDlightpipe® is ideal for use in garages, tunnels , train/subway stations, airports and lots of other applications.

BB-Lightconcepts offers customers a unique leasing concepts for its luminaires. The leasing concept is based on an estimation on energy savings, thanks to a system incorporating sensors and active dimming. As a result, a part of the value of the materials in a BB LEDlightpipe® can be returned to the customer of the luminaires, at the end of the use phase. This leasing concepts is possible thanks to the design of the BB LEDlightpipe®, which is aimed at disassembly and high-quality recycling, without loss of material quality and value.

For several years already, BB-Lightconcepts and EPEA Nederland have been cooperating on the optimization of the BB LEDlightpipe®. Key innovations that BB-Lightconcepts have made in the past few years include the assembly of the luminaires without using adhesives, substituting all halogen-based plastics, re-engineering non-separable product parts into components made from mono-materials and the elimination of toxic flame retardants from the product. This resulted in the current BB LEDlightpipe® having a unique position in its market, which is now reflected in the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze certificate.

About BB-light

BB-Lightconcepts is a company that innovatively uses energy-saving LED technology and sustainable materials. This is translated into practical products that illuminate society. The BB LEDlightpipe® is vandal resistant (IK10+) and waterproof (IP66). The BB Lightpipe® is ideal for use in garages, factories, but also in places where maintenance is relatively expensive as in tunnels.


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