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CradleVent® is the world’s first ventilation duct to be approved as a Cradle to Cradle certified product.

Efficient and draught-free air distribution

Textile based ventilation has many benefits. Textile ducts are tailored to match the room’s interior design and colours. Thus textile ducts become an integrated part of the building and offer new architectural possibilities. Textile ducts provide efficient and draught-free air distribution and a good indoor climate. Also they are easy to transport and to install.

Washable textile ducts save energy

Textile ducts are washable thus saving energy as the energy consumption in generating the required quantity of air will be reduced when the textile duct is clean.

Product information on C2C product Innovation institute

The CradleVent® is a ventilation duct that can be used for offices, schools, laboratories, and other buildings. When the system is to be replaced, KE Fibertec will take it back for recycling and make sure that as much as possible of the product is recycled and used in a new production.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

Trevira CS

Expected usetime

20 to 25 year

Defined pathway

Textile ducts are long-term and sustainable products for air distribution in offices, schools, laboratories, sports halls, public buildings, and other comfort environments.

This product is synchronized with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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