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There are no other vegetal roofing membranes on the market, but the functionality of Derbipure is equal to other Derbigum-membranes based on bitumen technology:- 100% waterproof- 100% recyclable- Passive cooler- 81% reflectivity & emissivity: Lower EPC - SRI 100- Water recuperation

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Derbipure® is a non-bituminous vegetable roofing membrane. The membrane’s raw material is composed of vegetable oils and pine resin. The white colour of Derbipure is designed to reflect sunrays and provide passive cooling of the building’s interior and reduce the temperature underneath a flat roof in the summer. Derbipure is reinforced with a composite armature and soaked with a highly reflective acrylic coating with EASY-CLEAN technology.  Derbipure’s coating is designed to be pH-neutral, so that rainwater can be drained off and potentially recycled.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

 - Vegetal oils: 20 - 40 %

- Liquid pine-resins: 20-40%

100% of the roofing membrane Derbipure can be re-used with our Macalusor recycling process. Next to this 100% of the bitumen (a petroleum product) is replaced by vegetal renewable components that do not interfere with the food chain.

Expected usetime


Defined pathway

100% of the product is recyclable through our Macalusor recycling process, so it can be re-used as a new raw material in the production of Derbipure.

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