Flax board - Gypsum Drywall

Faay Vianen B.V.

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FAAY partition walls are mainly based on flaxboard. Since time immemorial flax was grown for the production of linen yarns. Flax is an annual white or blue flowering plant that is sowed in the spring and is ready for harvesting within approx. 4 months. After the flax has been drawn it is left in the fields for dewretting. After this the flax is transported to the flax-processing companies, where the fibre will be separated mechanically from the stalk. The shorter fibre goes to the textile industry or nowadays also to the insulating materials for the building industry. The short fibre is used in the paper industry. The seed of the plant is used for the augmentation and the manufacture of linseed oil. At the end of the chain the stalk parts and the roots are used for the manufacture of flaxboards. In this manner 100% utilization of the flax plant is achieved. Flax is a renewable raw material, because it can be regenerated in a relatively short time in considerable quantities against a low energy-content. In the FAAY manufactory the flaxboards will be bond together with gypsumboard, chipboard, wood-fibreboard or MDF.

VP54 is a space saving partition wall (54 mm).
VP 70 is a slim partition wall (70 mm) for extra high spaces. The VP70 elements are stackable up to 4500 mm high. Both VP54 and VP70 are available in construction blocks (1m high) or walls.

The product is composed out of a massive core of flax shavings sandwiched between two gypsum board plates.

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