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The design of this product makes it 100% recyclable. Production environmental goals have been settled up to reduce the environmental impacts (e.g. -15% water and -10% energy consumptions between 2006 and 2012, <1% waste to landfill in 2012). High energetic gains obtained when implemented in building double glazings.

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Float glass is the glass technology used for making flat glass for applications like construction, interior furnishings and decoration, and the automotive and transport industries.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

Over 99% in weight is glass (made of sand, sodium carbonate, dolomite, limestone, calumite slag). The rest is the coating (metals, metal oxides). Our coated glass products are 100% recyclable in our furnaces. A minimum of 10% of our glass formulation is post-industrial recycled glass.

Expected usetime

30 years

Defined pathway

Our coated glass products are 100% recyclable in our float glass furnace. After collection from our plants, some clients plants or recyclers, the glass is broken in small pieces, sometimes sorted.

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