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Lindner FLOOR and more® is a hollow floor system for the interior fit-out of buildings and consists of factory-made, industrially pre-finished, modular components: hollow floor panel with tongue and grooving, substructure elements and structural accessories. The hollow floor system is created by the assembly of the single components to a compound floor structure. The floor construction allows access to the cavity by revision openings, e.g. to perform maintenance on underfloor building service installations. Standard grid dimensions are 600 x 600 mm.

FLOOR and more® hollow floors are developed as complete systems. The non-combustible carrier panels are made from fibre-reinforced calcium sulphate – recovered paper, recycled gypsum and reprocessed water – at the Lindner factory in Dettelbach. The hollow floor substructure consists of steel pedestals. These are formed and afterwards galvanized at the Lindner headquarters in Arnstorf.

FLOOR and more® hollow floors are individually manufactured for each project according to the particular requirements regarding fire protection, load-bearing capacity, floor height and sound protection. The floor surface can be equipped with a variety of coverings, such as elastic and textile materials, wood or stone tiles.

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