Graphenstone® Lime Mortars

Industria Española para el Desarrollo e Investigación SA (IEDISA)

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Natural aerial lime mortars which contain graphene technology. Suited for rendering and plastering in new buildings and for rehabilitation and restoration of Listed Properties that require mortars identical to the original.

MortarBase Premium is a base mortar which is used as a first regulation coat.
MortarFine Premium is a fine mortar for finishes such as smooth, trowelled and engraved textures, as well as pitted finishes, ashlar, sgraffito, etc.
MortarSuper Premium is a superfine mortar for high decoration finishes such as buffed, textured, brushed, etc.
Firenzza is a finishing mortar designed to be flexible and resistant, suitabke for creating highly decorative textures.
Modena is a finishing mortar which can be treated as a continuous material allowing you to obtain the same finish on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Naturglue Premium is an adhesive lime mortar with graphene, designed for highly flexibility.
Kalgraphin Premium is a lime paste with Graphene for making mortar.

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