Hycrete Admixtures

Hycrete, Inc.

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- Replaces waterproofing membranes by adding the waterproofing inside the concrete at ready-mix and not on site. - Membrane-free approach reduces construction time by eliminating membrane installation. - Reduces construction footprint by eliminating excavation/backfill required for membranes. - Improves concrete recyclability by eliminating future membrane removal. Hycrete can deliver potential LEED credits including the following:

- Innovation in Design (ID Credit 1) Membrane-Free Waterproofing

- Materials and Resources (MR Credit 4.1/4.2) Recycled Content

- Materials and Resources (MR Credit 5.1/5.2) Regional Materials

- Innovation in Design (ID Credit 1) More than 2.5% of Building Materials Certified Cradle to Cradle

Product information on C2C product Innovation institute

Hycrete admixtures for concrete are designed to shut down capillary transport of water and chlorides through concrete and protect steel rebar from corrosion. By shutting down capillary absorption of water and dissolved salts in concrete, effectively transforming concrete from a hard, porous sponge to a waterproof building material, Hycrete admixtures are designed to enhance structural durability and extend a building’s useful life.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

15-25% Active pre-polymer waterproofing material. 75-85% recycled water. All Hycrete Admixtures become re-used in post-structure recycled concrete.

Expected usetime

Lifetime of structure

Defined pathway

Fresh waterproof concrete -- Structured waterproof concrete -- Demolish at end of structure use -- Recycle into new concrete

This product is synchronized with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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