KALK Rødvig Juramørtel (KALK Rodvig Jurassic Mortar)

KALK a/s

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Rødvig Juramørtel (Jurassic Mortar) is a range of lime mortars. The mortars are designed to have great compressive and tensile strength and to be suitable for plastering, pointing, and brickwork. They are designed to be elastic and pliable even in hardened condition, making it easier to avoid cracks in the adherence zone and in the plastering. This flexibility reduces the need for expansion joints in the brickwork. The capillary suction created by lime mortar transports moisture out of the masonry, where it can evaporate from its surface, improving heat insulation and the humidity conditions of the masonry.

The Jurassic mortars are designed to be separable at end-of-use, making it possible to recycle the materials and reuse them in new masonry constructions or renovation of existing ones.

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