Manual Shade Systems with EcoVeil®, EcoVeil® Sheer, & AcoustiVeil Shadecloth


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The Mecho®/5 and UrbanShade® manual roller-shade systems with EcoVeil®, EcoVeil® Sheer, and AcoustiVeil shadecloth are two complete window-covering systems. Both the hardware and textile components are designed for disassembly and recyclability.

Both Mecho/5 and UrbanShade are designed to help buildings be more energy-efficient and increase occupant comfort. EcoVeil, EcoVeil Sheer, and AcoustiVeil shadecloths are designed to intercept solar rays to minimize heat gain, excessive brightness, and glare.

Both systems are designed to install easily and operate smoothly and can include accessories. Mecho/5 accessories include fascia, pockets, closures, and side channels for room-darkening conditions.

Mecho/5 is also available in a Bottom-Up configuration

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