Staco hot-dip galvanized steel gratings, stair treads and perfo planks

Staco Holding B.V.

This product is C2C CertifiedCM since


After use this product can be returned to the suplier for re-use purposes. The remaining zinc will be removed with a low concentration of hydrochloric acid

Product information on C2C product Innovation institute

The product is a grid for stair tread and floor grating, made out of zinc galvanized steel.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

Steel, type S235.Treated with a thermal zinc-cover (galvanised)

Expected usetime

50 years

Defined pathway

The manufacturer will then remove the remaining zinc with a low of hydrochloric acid. After the proces, the steel will be melted and reused to make new Staco steel products .

This product is synchronized with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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