Vitrified Clay Pipes for drains and sewers


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The product is made out of natural materials without additives and suited for the biological cycle. The product is 100% recyclable to chamotte clay, one of the ingriedinets for vitrified clay pipes & fittings.

Product information on C2C product Innovation institute

Steinzeug-Keramo offers a complete range of pipes and fittings in diameters DN 100 mm up to DN 1400 mm. Along with the traditional pipes and fittings with spigot and socket joints, manholes, and accessories are part of the product range as well. Vitrified clay is a material that arises after firing clay under controlled conditions at a temperature of circa 1200 °C.

Pipe systems made of vitrified clay provide constant chemical and physical properties which lead to high strength, density and robustness along with high resistance against wear, tear and corrosion, resulting in an extraordinarily long service lifetime.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

Vitrified clay pipes& fittings are made from clay, found in the immediate surroundings of the factory. The Gres planter is therefore completely made of clay, without any additives.

Expected usetime

100 years

Defined pathway

If not recycled, vitrified clay pipes & fittings are not harmfull to the biosphere. However these products are 100% recyclable and can be used as ingriedient for new vitrified clay products.

This product is synchronized with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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