Xella Ytong Energy Plus®

Xella Deutschland GmbH

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The highly insulating Aerated Concrete blocks can be used for outher load bearing walls with thin bed layer mortar, or non load bearing walls with thin bed layer mortar.

Product information on C2C product Innovation institute

Xella Ytong Energy Plus® is aerated concrete. Xella Ytong Energy Plus® concrete has high thermal insulation properties due to its production process.

Defined materials, ingredients and additives

The Ytong Energy PLUS blocks are produced from Sand, Lime, Cement and Aluminium Oxide. The outher layers are made from Aerated Concrete with a density of 340 kg/m3 the the core is made from a highly insulating Autoclaved Aerated Concrete with a density of 115 kg/m3 The thermal conductivity 10 dry is (P=90%) : 0,0899 W/mK

Expected usetime

100 years default  (Lifetime)

Defined pathway

In the technological cycle the blocks are 100 % recyclable. The granulates can be used to produce new blocks.

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