vinatur® yarns and workwear, apparel fabrics

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The vinatur® yarns and workwear, apparel fabrics consist of a blend of cellulosic fibers made from wood, and fibers made of synthetic polymers. These materials are intended as an alternative to cotton/polyester blends often used in the industry. vinatur® yarns / and workwear, apparel fabrics are designed for climate control, industrial laundering, lightfastness, high abrasion, and pilling resistance. The product is designed to be used for work wear as well as other high performance textile products and applications. After use and more than 50 cleaning cycles, the products are intended to be collected and forwarded to an industrial composting facility. Applications include corporate wear, work wear, hygiene, and healthcare.
vinatur® Yarn and workwear, apparel fabrics
1) Fabric vinatur®/organic cotton/elastomer blend; 2) Fabric vinatur®/organic cotton blend; 3) Terra 50%/50% organic cotton/vinatur®; 4) Cycle 65/35% vinatur® / organic cotton; 5) vinatur® Yarns made from 100% vinatur®
vinatur® is a registered trade mark of Volker Steidel

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