Workwear, apparel made from organic cotton and vinatur

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Work Wear, Apparel made from cotton and vinatur are designed to offer a climate control function, be suitable for industrial laundering, be light fast, and have high abrasion and pilling resistance. After use and more than 50 cleaning cycles, the products are intended to be collected and forwarded to an industrial composting facility.

Licensees of Work Wear, Apparel made from reworx®:
Bierbaum-Proenen GmbH & Co KG (BP) Germany; Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co KG (Dieckhoff) Germany; Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. (Grassi) Italy; Koninklijke Van Puijenbroek Textiel (VPTEX) Netherland; Manufactum Germany; SARCO N.V./S.A. Belgium
vinatur® is a registered trade mark of Volker Steidel

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