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Tana-Chemie GmbH and Werner & Mertz Group

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QUICK & EASY is a portable mobile and automatic dosing system. It is designed to work without installation, maintenance, or instructions. With one foam head and a selection of five concentrates, it covers multiple application areas. Its plug-and-play system is designed to allows fast and safe “foam-spray” application to every surface. Dilution only happens directly and automatically while foam-spraying.

SANET daily Quick & Easy: Sanitary Maintenance Cleaner

SANET daily Quick & Easy is suitable for the maintenance cleaning on all acid-resistant surfaces in sanitary areas and bathrooms. The product is designed to be effective against lime soap and other common soiling. Due to its foaming properties it adheres well on surfaces. The maintenance cleaner is scented.

SANET power Quick & Easy: Sanitary Power Cleaner

SANET power Quick & Easy is a high performing cleaner for sanitary areas and bathrooms. The power cleaner is designed to dissolve lime soap and lime scale.  The product is scented and suitable for all acid-resistant surfaces.

TANEX performa Quick & Easy: Power Cleaner

TANEX performa Quick & Easy is designed for use on all plastics and plastic-coated surfaces indoor and outdoor. The foaming power cleaner is designed as stain remover for all types of adhesive soiling’s. TANEX performa is scented.

TANET interior Quick & Easy: Universal Surface Cleaner

The foaming TANET interior Quick & East is designed for cleaning of all water resistant surfaces without leaving streaks, including windows. The product is scented.

GREASE off Quick & Easy: Universal Surface Cleaner

The foaming GREASE off Quick & Easy is designed for cleaning of all water resistant surfaces in food processing areas. The formulation is designed for high cleaning and degreasing performance as a universal cleaning solution for all greasy residues. At the same time it is designed to be gentle to surfaces. The product is scented.

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