green-Effective® Kliks Rinsing

Tana-Chemie GmbH and Werner & Mertz Group

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green-Effective® Kliks rinsing
green-Effective® Kliks rinsing is designed to reduce drying times and leave an exceptional shine on dishes. Thanks to the combination of chosen nature-based surfactants and bio-alcohol BRILLANT proKliks has an extraordinary foam-controlling ability under soft water conditions. BRILLANT topKliks is optimized for medium to hard water conditions with an additional organic acid preventing lime deposits on dishes.

Kliks - the sound of confidence - is a new system by green care PROFESSIONAL, providing compact efficiency and integrated user safety with concentrates and a clever packaging design. The concentrated formulas come in a bag-in-box guaranteeing the complete emptying of the product and a spave saving disposal. Via the practical colour-coded Kliks connector, the products can be easily exchanged and connected to the pump. Kliks is a closed system and provides hereby maximum user safety and hygiene.

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