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The Functional Screen, Personal Pocket, and Mobile Caddy are office accessories that are part of the SOTO™ II Worktools series.

The Functional Screen is a privacy screen that attaches via thumb screw at front edge of any standard worksurface, combining organization, boundary, and privacy. An integrated opening provides an area to keep frequently used documents, books, or other materials.

The Functional Screen is field changeable from right to left facing and can be installed at the extreme edge of a work surface. A felt pad inside bottom of opening is designed to dampen noise. The Functional Screen may be clamped on any standard worksurface edge with a thickness of ¾” to 1 ½”.

The Personal Pocket provides a place to store papers, files, or other frequently used materials. It can be freestanding as a single unit or ganged in multiples to create a desktop organizer. A single Pocket will attach to the Mobile Caddy in a variety of places—either side of top shelf and either side of bag area. A single Pocket will attach to the Functional Screen, and the open ends accommodate materials of various sizes and is designed to hold up to 10 lbs of material.

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