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    CITAVERDE College is an Agricultural training centre (AOC) and provides VMBO-Green (Preparatory Intermediate Vocational Education) & MBO-Green education (Intermediate Vocational Education) throughout the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. CITAVERDE College considers it important to offer the visiting school trip children as well as the children of visiting parents to the Floriade a C2C activity that combines outdoor play with a green educational context.

    The C2C Base Camp: During the period of April to October 2012, we were at the Floriade theme field Education & Innovation continuously organise a hut building activity with C2C materials for kids. The C2C Base Camp; a real challenge in many ways! As at the Floriade, the C2C Base Camp is one of the few C2C activities aimed at children.

    With the C2C Base Camp we want to create C2C awareness among everyone who participates in the activities. We do this in a way that suits the interests and experiences of childen from 5 - 12 years of age. In order to do this we cooperate with entrepreneurs, the surroundings, the government, the education industry & research.

    C2C building activity for kids

    During the Floriade, the children will be given the opportunity to build huts with C2C materials, together with their parents/carers and supervisors. The building materials have been adapted to the abilities of children. No hammers or nails are used. The C2C-building materials are recognisable and manageable for children so the families can continue the activity at home. The children will be building with materials from the technological and biological cycle. We consider the children to be the designers and the parents the supporters in the building process of the huts.

    C2C Base Camp Objective

    We would like to carry out the C2C way of thinking in an accessible manner to as great an extent as possible within all layers of society. C2C provides a concrete interpretation of sustainability for society. Children and parents can also apply the C2C-spirit in their own environment in a practical manner.

    We would like to introduce visiting school children and families in a playful manner, by means of ‘edutainment’, with C2C as a way of thinking, by being creative with materials from the biological and technological cycle. This will lead to new ideas and insights. It is a different way of looking at your environment and it provides initiatives in the field of ‘outdoor play’. This is exactly what we would like to share with the children and their carers/parents.

    In order to support the C2C message we show the film ’Get loopy’ in the pavilion. ’Get loopy’ is a film production whereby C2C is mapped out for children in an accessible manner.

    Pavilion architect Vincent van der Meulen.

    C2C content for children building and supplying materials

    The C2C Base Camp concerns a continious activity during the opening of the Floriade. Two large target groups can be distinguished:

    • School trip children from the primary schools; staffed workshop by teachers and intermediate vocational students
    • Visiting families with children; staffed by volunteers, including social traineeship

    School trips primary school children

    Through Floriade Kids primary schools can register for workshops as part of their school trips. The C2C Base Camp is one of these workshops. The workshop distinguishes itself because it is a C2C activity and is also open during weekends and holidays.

    The staffing of the workshops for the school trip children is done by teachers and intermediate vocational students. At the moment, over 2,400 primary school children have signed up!

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