Covent Garden

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    The office development integrates various urban scales and rail tracks nuisances by setting a tower and a lower building around a semi public atrium linking the Botanic Park and Place Rogier.

    Mixed use, with retail, restaurant and mainly offices, benefit from a very efficient building skin providing maximum comfort to users. Innovation for a speculative development, the biological water treatment system brings autonomy and biodiversity while landscaping the dense city with plantations polishing the treated water.

    A room in the city, the atrium participates both in the diversity of spaces, uses and ways to go to work.

    • Design allows increased density on the site without adding stress to the municipal sewage system.
    • Interior garden and its leisure areas generating ideal conviviality and meeting points for buildings’ occupants.
    • Dense and varied green spaces, Mediterranean type in a permanent 18°C minimal temperature.
    • Some plants are participating in the building’s wastewater treat- ment process using advanced biological and bacteriological purification techniques.
    • Black and grey waters are recycled in the building’s consumption cycle.
    • Rain water is also collected, stored and reused. 

    (Source: Manual C2C BIZZ)

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