Cradle to Cradle® inspired Floriade Award (Part of Floriade)

  • About the project

    The Floriade organisation, Twente University and C2C ExpoLAB organised a design competition for the students at the Twente University following the C2C design Paradigm. EPEA, BeBenificial and VKC supported the process with professor Michael Braungart, Tanja Scheelhaase and Sven Stimac personally grading the designs. Sophie van Felius won this competition with a design inspired by a Tulip.

    The award Sophie designed refers to the tulip because the Floriade is derived from the word 'flora'. Flora is the goddes of spring, vine tendrils and flowers. The flower industry started blossoming in Holland, after the 'tulip-mania', back in the 17th century.

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