Floriade World Horticultural Expo

Main project

The Floriade is a world horticultural expo organised in the Netherlands every 10 years. Floriade will acquaint you with more than 100 gardens and pavilions with unique flowers and plants from all around the world. 

The Floriade Venlo developed the Floriade principles together with Michael Braungart and Williams McDonough.

1. Innovate, innovate, innovate

We see the district of Venlo as a pilot project in which experimentation leads to the development of a new order comprised of man, the economy and ecology, side by side and hand in hand. Our focus is on developing and sharing knowledge, creating economic innovations, stimulating free spirit and cultivating new paths.

2. Link location and context

In order to link the city and the district, we secure the authentic values in our identity and anchor our past in the future. Located on the Meuse and sleeping in her bed, we take our cue from her unstoppable strength. We are proud of our identity, celebrate our future with passion, and work energetically to realise the future that we envision. 

3. Manage and appreciate food

We use and process our raw materials in such a way that they are never wasted. We produce in a perpetual cycles

4. Enjoy mobility

We design and develop mobility systems that contribute to our economic, ecologic, and social well-being – to realise access for everyone. 

5. Let the sun shine

We enjoy being creative, and just like nature, we use the sun as a perpetual source of energy.

6. Create clean air, water and soil

We design systems focused on purifying and maintaining our living environment.

7. Design with future generations in mind

We will not burden our children and grandchildren with responsibility for maintaining or monitoring thoughtlessly designed objects or processes. Our designs have their enjoyment in mind and give colour to their future.

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