Gym Egerbos

  • About the project

    Imagine a sport complex or gym that retains its financial value, where renewable energy is generated, and where materials are safe and healthy and be endlessly recycled. A sport complex that provides a good sport- and learning environment, and where the indoor air is clean and maintained. Egerbos in Venlo shows that it can.


    The city of Venlo intended to preserve the building through the renovation of the building and to give a boost to the experience and quality of the direct surrounding. Therefore, the Cradle to Cradle principles should be applied. 2.0 architects and C2C ExpoLAB worked together on realizing the ambitions and challenges of the client. 

    C2C was an important criterion in the tender procedure. The focus for Egerbos is on the use and generation of renewable energy, the use of safe and healthy materials and the use of ‘functional green’. Solutions and building elements are not only selected because of their contributions to these C2C-theme’s, but also to raise the C2C-awareness among students and athletes. 

    C2C inspired building elements

    The façade is edged with a green ‘scarf’ during the renovation. The green façade is visible for the local residents and is also visible from the inside. The green façade and roofs do not only have a positive impact on the awareness, but also on the air quality, water management and energy. The sportcomplex Egerbos will also generate renewable energy and the roofs are designed for future developments.  

    The new sport hall is deepened constructed, creating a more constant temperature, a good urban connection to the surrounding and provide more perception of sport by a good overview on the sports floor. The gyms have LED lightning and every gym has natural daylight.

    C2C Certified Materials

    Several Cradle to Cradle Certified materials are used, which are safe and healthy. The market is continuously challenged to come up with new and better solutions. Arrangements are made with producers to take-back their products, including any financial residual value at the end of its useful life. Because we communicate our ambitions continuously, we try to encourage innovation in industry. 

    Continuous quality improvement

    Even after the realization new Cradle to Cradle elements will be implemented. A process of continuous quality improvement. An example is the realization of a C2C-tour. An educational route that shows all the C2C inspired building elements and materials.

    It is crucial that shools and sport complexes are healthy environments that promote good performance. With such buildings as inspiration, children experience the benefits of a circular economy and we create a new generation who naturally do good things for people, planet and the economy.



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