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    In defining the development plan for the Kazernekwartier urban redevelopment project on 25 May 2011, an important foundation was laid for the further implementation of this project. The development plan describes the broad contours of the urban design, the financial implications of the project and the way in which cultural history will be accommodated in the area. It also takes an initial step towards the application of Cradle to Cradle® principles in the further development of the project. 

    In relation to this latter aspect, the ‘Cradle to Cradle® in the Kazernekwartier’ document was drawn up on the basis of earlier policy documents relating to the area (including the development plan for the former Frederik Hendrik Barracks site) and Cradle to Cradle® (including the 2009 Cradle to Cradle® implementation program). This document describes how Cradle to Cradle® principles can be integrated into the development of the Kazernekwartier plan during the coming 20 years (the planning horizon for the project), and by doing so it creates a link between earlier documents on the development of the Kazernekwartier and Cradle to Cradle® in the City of Venlo. As well as that, the basic principles referred to in this document, will be translated into the design quality plan for the Kazernekwartier and the output specification for the Multifunctional Centre (MFC).

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