Lyceum Schravenlant

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    Lyceum Schravenlant is a public secondary school for senior general secondary education and pre-university education and is part of the Schiedam Foundation for Public Secondary Education (Stichting Openbare Scholengroep Vlaardingen Schiedam: OSVS).

    The new building accommodates approximately 600 pupils and, including two gym halls, has a gross surface area of about 6150 m2. Lyceum Schravenlant should serve, among other things, as a meeting place for pupils from a variety of backgrounds and be a ‘home base’ where they learn to work together in a pleasant and safe environment. With its new accommodation, the school has the ambition of operating optimally within the social context; realizing a healthy, future-orientated, multi-functional, and flexible or adaptable building with a modern and robust look.

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